XiteBio® Tuber+
Phosphate Solubilizing Inoculant

XiteBio® Tuber+

Inoculant for Tuber Crops

XiteBio®  Tuber+ is a liquid inoculant developed for tuber crops. The active ingredient is our patented strain of Bacillus firmus.

XiteBio®  Tuber+ works on three distinct modes of action:

  • P-solubilization
  • Phytohormone production
  • Iron chelation (High pH soils)

The unique patented strain of Bacillus firmus vigorously colonizes plant roots and solubilizes soil-bound P for increased plant uptake. This combined with the growth phytohormone leads to increased stem number and tuber number.

XiteBio®  Tuber+ can be applied in two ways. In-furrow by tank mixing with most starter fertilizers, or with early-post herbicides through the sprayer at the 0-6 leaf stage.

XiteBio®  Tuber+ is based on our PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) platform. PGPR products introduce beneficial bacteria into the soil that release enzymes to stimulate plant growth.

  • Increases potato stem number
  • Increases tuber number
  • All-in-one, Ready-to-use
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Tank mixable
all-in-one tuber+
P solubilization Tuber+
Tank-Mix Compatibility
compitability@2x-75x75 Tuber+
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Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Minimum of 1 x 10⁸
Bacillus firmus CFU per mL 

Modes of Action:
-Phosphorus (P) Solubilization
-Phytohormone Production
-Iron (Fe) Chelation 

Ready-to-Use (RTU) Liquid 

Application Options:
In-furrow (at planting)
Early post-emergence (at 0-6 leaf stage) 

Tank-Mix Compatible: Yes*

*Please consult compatibility charts 

Package Size:
10 L or 338.1 fl oz/Case 

Case Treats:
65 acres*

*depending on row spacing 

Application Rate:
0.25 L/ac (post-emergent or in-furrow) 

Shelf Life:
2 Year 

Approved for organic use in Canada
Click here to read our organic use document.

Field Trials

XiteBio® Tuber+ vs. Check  on potatoes Canada

Source: Gaia Consulting Ltd., Southport MB, 2022

Source: McCain Foods, Shilo MB, 2022

Source: Farmforest Research, BlackCreek Research, Ontario, 2019

XiteBio® Tuber+ vs Check on Potatoes USA

Source: 3rd Party Trial, Plover WI, 2022 .
XiteBio® Tuber+ is equal to XiteBio® Yield+

Source: 3rd Party Trial, Plover WI, 2022 .
XiteBio® Tuber+ is equal to XiteBio® Yield+

XiteBio® Tuber+ vs. Check  on Sugar Beet

Source: 3rd party trial, MN, 2020


In this study carried out in Manitoba in 2022 Tuber+ applications increased potato stem number and tuber number regardless of when or how it was applied. Past research has clearly shown that as stem number increases so does tuber number. Treatments all produced higher yield than the grower standard. More testing should be done to confirm that Tuber+ is causing not just stem and tuber number differences but also yield differences. Statistically significant treatment differences would give more confidence that the yield differences in the trial are due to the application and not due to natural variation.

-Gaia Consulting Ltd.


Further testing results available fall 2023

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