About XiteBio®

We are an agriculture company engaged in crop inputs and agriculture supplement for Canadian, American, European, and South American markets. The Innovation, Research & Development facility at XiteBio Technologies is creating innovative, cost-competitive, eco-friendly product lines:

to increase agricultural production

at a reduced input cost

in an eco-friendly manner

IRD in action

Our Mission

Our Mission

To build relationships with farmers everywhere by consistently providing easy to use microbial innovations that increase production and reduce input costs.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We see every farmer using at least one great biological product as their essential tool for sustainable crop production.

Our Values


Relationships with our customers and partners are the most important part of our business.


Innovation inspires us to focus on ease of use, simplicity, and new possibilities waiting to be explored.


Growth on and off the field is achieved through healthier plants and better yields.

Our Philosophy


Our customers and employees are constantly on our minds. Our employees always strive to deliver better services, and better products to our customers – building better relationships.


We are always looking for new and exciting ways to benefit farmers and improve upon existing methods.


We never stop looking for ways to increase the cost-competitiveness of our products and pass it on to our customers.


We are as passionate about science and research as we are about creating and marketing innovative products that benefit farmers.


We believe in teamwork and collaboration within and outside of XiteBio®.


Thorough laboratory, greenhouse, and field research are done to ensure all our products meet the highest quality and performance standards.


We always strive to deliver what we promise and will do our best to exceed your expectations.

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