XiteBio® OptiPlus®
Dual Inoculant for Soybeans

XiteBio® OptiPlus®

Dual Inoculant for Soybeans

XiteBio® OptiPlus ® is a versatile, multi-action liquid soybean inoculant that can be applied in-furrow and
comes in a convenient, low volume, ready-to-use package.

XiteBio® OptiPlus ® adds an optimum number of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia to soybeans to enhance nodulation while also increasing plant available soil-fixed phosphorous, iron and calcium.

XiteBio® OptiPlus ® combines XiteBio’s AGPT® (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology) bacterial inoculant platform with yield-enhancing PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria). The easy-to-use XiteBio® OptiPlus ® liquid formulation goes beyond traditional inoculants by working with native soil rhizobium instead of competing with them, and can be tank-mixed with compatible liquid fertilizers or water for easy in-furrow application.

all-in-one OptiPlus
N fixation OptiPlus
P solubilization OptiPlus
Tank-Mix Compatible
compitability@2x-75x75 OptiPlus
Advantages of AGPT® / PGPR dual inoculants:
  • Ready-to-Use
  • Introduces optimum numbers of rhizobia
  • Invigorates native soil microflora
  • Greater root nodulation & development
  • Boosts N-fixation
  • Increases soil P availability and uptake
  • Production of plant growth phytohormones
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Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Minimum of 2 x 10⁹
Bradyrhizobium japonicum CFU per mL
Minimum of 1 x 10⁸
Bacillus firmus CFU per mL 

Modes of Action:
Nitrogen (N) Fixation
-Phosphorus (P) Solubilization
-Phytohormone Production
-Iron (Fe) Chelation

Ready-to-Use Liquids

Application Options:
In-Furrow (at planting)

Tank-Mix Compatible
Yes (Please consult compatibility chart)

Package Size:
22.6L or 764 fl oz/Case

Case Treats:
Variable acres depending on row spacing, previous history of soybeans on field.
Consult label for full details.

Application Rate:
Variable rate depending on row spacing, previous history of soybeans on field.
Consult label for full details.

Shelf Life:
1 year

Approved for organic use in Canada
Click here to read our organic use document.

Field Trial Results

Photo taken of Minot trial that received a +12 bu /ac yield increase in 2021

Source: Third party trial, Minot ND, 2021

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