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Toll Free: 1-855-XITEBIO (948-3246)

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XiteBio Technologies Inc.

3194 St. Mary’s Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R2N 4A8

Toll-Free: 1-855-XITEBIO (948-3246)
Office: (204) 257-0775

Sales Team

If you would like to order product, have questions regarding our products, or would like to contact us, click a State/Province on the map below to see a list of sales representatives in your area.

Bill Busby Sales Manager (204) 297-9484
Brett Armstrong Sales Agronomist Saskatchewan/Alberta (306) 229-2847
Chris White Regional Sales Manager Ontario/Quebec (519) 784-0275
Doug Tigges Regional Sales Manager USA (651) 470-9220
Jeffrey Hemming Agriculture Sales Representative USA (701) 213-7723
Logan Saworski Sales Agronomist Saskatchewan/Alberta (306) 370-2847
Mike Kupper Business & Product Manager (306) 690-2847
Shawn Rowson Agriculture Sales Representative Manitoba (204) 230-0853
About XiteBio®

We are a dynamic biotechnology company engaged in microbial technology and agri-inputs for Canadian, American, European, and South American agricultural markets. The IRD facility at XiteBio® Technologies is creating innovative and cost-competitive product lines:

  • to increase agricultural production
  • at a reduced input cost
  • in an eco-friendly manner
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3194 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R2N 4A8

Phone: (204) 257-0775