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    Looking to improve your #corn yields this season? Our field trials have shown an average yield advantage of 6 bu/ac with XiteBio Yield+. to see a full list of trial data, click here:

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    Happy #CdnAgDay ❗ We want to thank generations of farmers who continuously strive to make the industry great!

    Today is #CdnAgDay! Let’s raise a fork to the food we love and the people who produce it! On February 23, 2021, celebrate Canadian agriculture and food both online and with friends, family and co-workers, and let everyone know how you feel about this awesome industry.

    Want to give your corn an early season head start? XiteBio Yield+ gives crops a visible improvement in emergence, early vigor and increases plant-available phosphates in your soil. Click here to learn more:
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    Soil-Plant-Microbe Interactions
    An Infinite Possibility!

    Welcome to XiteBio Technologies Inc.! At XiteBio Technologies, we build relationships first; business comes next. Analogous to our research theme ‘soil-plant-microbe interactions’ we would like to interact with you, at every opportunity that comes before us, to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.

    We are passionate about research, but more than that we are passionate about providing the next generation of ‘go-green’ inoculants and biologicals to our customers and making a difference in the field of agriculture. But that alone is not enough – ecological sustainability is also of paramount importance to us. These are the priorities at XiteBio Technologies, where our IRD (Innovation, Research & Development) team is working hard towards creating innovative and cost-effective products that add greater profitability to farmers’ bottom lines.

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    About XiteBio®

    We are a dynamic biotechnology company engaged in microbial technology and agri-inputs for Canadian, American, European, and South American agricultural markets. The IRD facility at XiteBio® Technologies is creating innovative and cost-competitive product lines:

    • to increase agricultural production
    • at a reduced input cost
    • in an eco-friendly manner
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    3194 St. Mary's Road
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Canada, R2N 4A8

    Phone: (204) 257-0775