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Benefits of XiteBio® Inoculants

Save Time

No mixing or complicated procedures with All-in-One and Ready-to-Use premium liquid formulations

Save money

Our products can help you to maximize your fertilizer use. Which can help to combat high fertilizer prices by minimizing the application of nitrogen and phosphate.

Less Stress

With tank mix and on-seed compatibility options you don’t need to stress about handling our inoculants.

More Yield

Our products have been shown to produce greater yields on average in over a decade of thrid party testing.

Unlock your yield potential

Inoculant and ag-biological products

are our specialty and our passion.

For over a decade our customers have trusted us to help them increase on-farm ROI
Our inoculants use proprietary formulations and patented technologies.
They are fermented in controlled batches and then undergo rigorous Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC).

What makes our technology unique?

XiteBio Technologies Inc. uses microbial platforms developed in house at our Innovation Research and Development (IRD) facility. These platforms power our inoculant and ag-biological products.

Adavnced Growth Promoting Technology® (AGPT®) powers our nitrogen fixing inoculants.

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) powers our P-solubilizing ag-biologicals.

Accept no substitutes. This technology is proprietary, private and patented*. While competitors claim to have similar products none can claim to have our technology.

Find out why our customers have trusted XiteBio Technology for the past 13 years to give them Healthier Plants and Better Yields.

*XiteBio Technologies Inc. holds a worldwide patent on Bacillus firmus.

Advanced Growth Promoting Technology


AGPT® is a revolution in liquid inoculant technology. It is a proprietary liquid formulation combined with the beneficial bacteria Rhizobium. 

What makes AGPT® powered inoculants different from conventional inoculants is the liquid solution in which the bacteria are suspended. Not only does our formulation nourish our premium rhizobia, it also nourishes the native soil microflora. 

Our biotechnological research, and rigorous QA/QC process, guarantees the optimal number of live bacteria are delivered through our inoculants. Too many or too few rhizobia can be detrimental to the natural balance of the soil. AGPT® ensures that once the product is applied, either on-seed or 

in-furrow, the existing soil ecosystem thrives and works in synergy with the newly introduced rhizobia. 

Generic inoculants rarely invigorate native soil microflora. They simply introduce new rhizobia without taking into account the needs of the soil. This can cause competition for resources in the soil. 

AGPT® products are sustainable and compatible with regenerative farming practices. Whether you use them in organic applications (in Canada) 

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria


PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) are the class of beneficial soil bacteria in the root zone that colonize the roots and stimulate plant growth. The XiteBio® Yield+ product line uses patented PGPR Bacillus firmus. XiteBio® Yield+ promotes plant growth and development resulting in more yield via the following modes of action: 

Phosphorus Solubilization 

Adequate P (phosphorus) is critical to plant development, particularly early in the growing season. Not all P is accessible to plants as it can bind to minerals in the soil such as calcium, iron, aluminum and magnesium. XiteBio® Yield+ releases enzymes into the soil that unlocks P from these ions and makes it more available for plants. 

Phytohormone Production 

Just as they are for animals, hormones are important for healthy plant growth. XiteBio® Yield+ produces vital plant hormones such as IAA (indole-3-acteic acid) that encourage the root system to grow early, vigorously and seek out nutrients. 

Iron Chelation 

Iron (Fe) is a critical component of many plant functions such as chlorophyll production. Not all Fe in the soil is accessible to plants since it is in the unavailable form. XiteBio® Yield+ produces siderophores, which are molecules that chelate (bind to) Fe and make them more available to plants.

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