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XiteBio® Yield+ Line of Products

XiteBio® Yield+ is an early post-emergent biological that can be tank-mixed with the herbicide application for the first pass at the 0-6 leaf stage. XiteBio® Yield+ products are based on a naturally occurring PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) platform, allowing for easy use and higher yields.

Products currently available include XiteBio® Yield+ for Canola, XiteBio® Yield+ for Corn, Wheat & Barley, and XiteBio® Yield+ for Legumes.


  • Ready to use liquid, no mixing with other liquids or powders required
  • Tank-mixable application
  • Compatible with all major post-emergent herbicides
  • Unique formulation promotes beneficial microbial activity in the root zone
  • Encourages greater root growth and development
  • Enhances overall plant vigour and health, resulting in increased yield


XiteBio® Yield+ for Canola Product Sheet (pdf, 1.2Mb)

XiteBio® Yield+ for Corn, Wheat & Barley Product Sheet (pdf, 2.4Mb)

XiteBio® Yield+ for Legumes Product Sheet (pdf, 1.7Mb)

XiteBio® Yield+ Compatibility Chart (pdf, 1.3Mb)

XiteBio® XiteBio Yield+® for Canola FAQ (pdf, 0.5Mb)

Specimen XiteBio® Yield+ for Canola Label (pdf, 0.5Mb)

Specimen XiteBio® Yield+ for Corn, Wheat & Barley Label (pdf, 0.6Mb)

Specimen XiteBio® Yield+ for Legumes Label (pdf, 0.5Mb)

XiteBio® Yield+ MSDS (pdf, 0.2Mb)


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