SoyRhizo uses Advanced Growth Promoting Technology to boost nitrogen fixation and yields in soybean crops. SoyRhizo inoculant enhances soybean performance and yields across different soils and environmental conditions. Product box of SoyRhizo inoculant for soybean. SoyRhizo, soybean inoculant from XiteBio Technologies, noticeably improves overall plant performance SoyRhizo, liquid soybean inoculant from XiteBio ®, outperforms the competition.
SoyRhizo introduces B. japonicum, stimulates the native microflora, and creates synergy between them; an advanced soybean inoculant.

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SoyRhizo Testimonials

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Wayne Drangsholt in a SoyRhizo inoculated field of soybeans. The SoyRhizo beans are an extremely nice looking crop. It's quite a difference between the SoyRhizo treated beans and those from other brands. The SoyRhizo inoculant gave us extremely good nodulation, better than our current brand. Our average yield is 28 bu/ac. I expect SoyRhizo will give us at least 40 bu/ac of soybean.
-Wayne Drangsholt

Brandon Hunnicutt in a SoyRhizo inoculated field of soybeans. Crops look good. Roots look stronger. Nice crops. Will get about 8-10% yield increase. Our average here is 70 bu/ac, may get about 80 bu/ac with SoyRhizo.
-Brandon Hunnicutt

Andy Eikoff in a SoyRhizo inoculated field of soybeans. I think a 5-6 bu/ac advantage by using SoyRhizo. No sticking/no bridging. I like that a lot. Nodulation and root system look very nice. Root development was better. Overall a very good crop and a healthier crop.
-Andy Eikoff

Paul Henderson talking about SoyRhizo inoculant. We used SoyRhizo for the first time this past season and got the highest soybean yields we've ever had. I'll definitely be using SoyRhizo again this year.
-Paul Henderson

I am growing soybean with SoyRhizo the last 3 years in two quarter sections of land. I am getting about a 4-5 bu/ac advantage over other inoculant brands. Product is really easy to handle and I will recommend it to anybody.
-Doug George

Wayne Feltman discussing soybean yields with SoyRhizo inoculant. I used SoyRhizo last year and am very happy with it. I am very interested in using it again.
-Wayne Feltman

Shaun Beauclair in his field of SoyRhizo inoculated soybeans. I did 600 acres of soybean with XiteBio's SoyRhizo product. Do not change a thing about the product. It has excellent packaging. The flow rate was very good. It was very easy to use, very user-friendly. I'm very happy about the product performance. Plants had robust nodulation, 3 seeds per pod. SoyRhizo gave me a very good soybean crop. My average yield is 25-35 bu/ac. With SoyRhizo it will be 35-40 bu/ac, about 5-10 bu/ac above average.
-Shaun Beauclair

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