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I've used SoyRhizo for two years now on 1500 acres and got about a 5-7 bu/ac
advantage over other inoculants. I’m very happy with XiteBio SoyRhizo and will
be using it again next year.

                                                                                - Joe Gorski, Harrow, ON

Crops look good. Roots look stronger. Nice crops. Will get about 8-10% yield
increase. Our average here is 70 bu/ac, will obtain 80 bu/ac with SoyRhizo.

                                                                   - Brandon Hunnicutt, Hamilton, NE

I did 600 acres of soybean with SoyRhizo. The flow rate was very good and very
easy to use, very user-friendly. Plants had robust nodulation, 3 seeds per pod.
With SoyRhizo my yield will be at least 5-10 bu/ac above average.

                                                                       - Shaun Beauclair, Stephen, MN

Although my peas were seeded quite late, they looked really good and had
excellent flowering. I'm very happy with PeasRhizo and will definitely be using it

                                                                               - Tim Debele, Kramer, ND

With untreated canola we harvested 24 bu/ac but with Yield+ treated canola we
got 27.5 bu/ac, a 3.5 bu/ac advantage. I will definitely use Yield+ for canola again
next year and am very happy with the handling of the product.

                                                                            - Max Miller, Hazen, ND

We’re always looking for something to boost yields and are definitely expecting
to get a boost from Yield+ for canola, averaging out to 40 bu/ac. Yield+ is easy to
use, & if we don’t have ease of operation, it won’t get into the tank and we won’t
use it.

                                                                         - Dan Bullinger, Bottineau, ND

                                                                     Healthier Plants. Better Yields.
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