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Features  XiteBio® Yield+ for Corn

                                       Value Summary

Active Ingredient:                    Worry Free:
1×108 Bacillus firmus XSB375          XiteBio® Yield+ for corn is a contaminant
per mL                                free, non-GMO ecologically safer biological
Ready-to-Use Liquid                   Convenience:
                                      Ready-to-use liquid. No mixing with other
For use on:                           liquids or powders required
                                      Full Season:
Application:                          Early root growth is stimulated leading to
Foliar applied at 0-6 leaf stage,     more vigorous, better performing plants and
can be used in tank mix               increased yields

Package size:                         Tank-Mixing:
1×10 L (1 Case)                       Can be tank-mixed with most popular post-
                                      emergent herbicides to ensure flexibility in
Application Rate:                     the tank mix
0.25 L/ac (0.62 L/ha; 8.45 fl oz/ac)
Tank Mixing:                          Early post applied at 0-6 leaf stage. No need
Can be tank-mixed with most           to worry about chemical seed treatments
popular post-emergent
herbicides, e.g., Round Up,           Healthier Plants:
Liberty                               Healthier plants with better root systems can
                                      cope better to deal with environmental
Yield Increase:                       stresses
7.4 bu/ac (4.2%) on average in
2012 & 2013 trials                    Return on Investment:
                                      XiteBio® Yield+ for corn maximizes plant
Shelf life:                           performance throughout the season,
1 year                                resulting in higher yields and a better return
                                      on investment.
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