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                                         How Does it Work?

          XiteBio’s revolutionary early post-emergent liquid biologicals are based on a unique naturally occurring
          Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) platform. The PGPR can work in one or more of several
          postulated modes of action.

          They play a major role in the transformation of nutrients, converting them to more plant available forms
          (like HPO42– or H2PO4– or SO42-). They produce plant hormones (like IAA, IBA), stimulating earlier
          initiation of roots and boosting root & shoot development, contributing to more vigorous plants. Organic
          acids and siderophores are also produced to stimulate uptake of phosphorous and iron. They can fix
          atmospheric nitrogen for many crops, not just legumes (though nodulation only occurs in legumes).

          Other PGPR are able to act as biocontrol agents through induced systemic resistance (ISR) and antibiotic
          production, outcompeting soil pathogens for space on crop roots & root hairs to colonize, or successful
          competition for the same resources.

Application                  Plant Responses

 Post-emergent application   Ion uptake
 Herbicide compatible        Hormone production
 All-in-one package          Siderophore production
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