PulseRhizo pea inoculant encourages greater root nodulation and higher nitrogen fixation. PulseRhizo inoculant for peas and lentils improves overall plant performance and yields. Product box of PulseRhizo inoculant for pea and lentil. PulseRhizo field trials showed improved vigour and yields. PulseRhizo inoculated peas give higher yields over the competition.
PulseRhizo, inoculant for pea and lentil, performs well in different soil types and environmental conditions.

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PulseRhizo Testimonials

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The pea field had excellent flowering Although my peas were seeded quite late, they looked really good and had lots of flowers, across the entire field. I'm very happy with the way PulseRhizo worked for me and I will be using it again.
-Tim Debele

The best stand of field peas on the Vandaele farm in over 20 years was inoculated with PulseRhizo from XiteBio A very very impressive stand of field peas, very possibly the best stand we have ever had on this farm in our 20 years of production. We will watch intently as the growing season progresses but we have been pleasantly surprised by how much better our XiteBio PulseRhizo inoculated peas look versus other products we have used.
-Chad Vandaele

PulseRhizo inoculated pea field yielded 79 bu per ac Harvesting our peas now, and we're seeing a very strong 60 bu/ac.
-Mark Vandaele
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