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PulseRhizo Liquid Pea, Lentil, & Faba Bean Inoculant

PulseRhizo is a low volume, versatile premium liquid inoculant that can be applied on-seed or in-furrow and is available as a ready to use package. PulseRhizo is based on an AGPT (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology) platform, a revolutionary concept in inoculant formulation.

This allows PulseRhizo to:

  • encourage greater root nodulation
  • boost higher nitrogen fixation
  • result in healthier plants and better yields
  • enhance overall plant performance
  • result in an average yield increase of 2.2 bu/ac (17%) in 2011 USA field trials

AGPT (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology)

AGPT not only introduces optimum numbers of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viceae into the soil, but also invigorates the natural soil microflora and creates synergy between them.

The advantages of AGPT include:

  1. Introduces optimum numbers of rhizobia
  2. Invigorates the native soil microflora
  3. Creates synergy between natural and introduced microbes
  4. Ready to use liquid formulation
  5. Effective under different soil & environmental conditions
  6. Greater root nodulation & boosts N-fixation
  7. Improves soil health
  8. Improves crop vigor
  9. Enhances plant performance
  10. Results in higher yields

Healthier Plants. Better Yields.