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Its been quite a spring weather-wise, from Saskatchewan's and Alberta's very dry May and the early planting across the Canadian Prairies to the wet conditions causing delays in planting throughout parts of the US. Finally though the last of the soybeans were seeded at the end of June, with Missouri and Kansas having had the furthest to go, according to USDA Crop Progress Reports.

Seeding is a hectic and stressful time of year for growers, seed treaters, and everyone in the ag industry. Reliable, easy-to-use inoculants simplify one aspect of agricultural production. If you used our AGPT® based inoculants for soybean, pea & lentil this year, let us know how they worked. And if you didn't, let us know how we can be your preferred choice for advanced ag-biological solutions.

Have a productive cropping season!

-Manas Banerjee
How do you make your best soybean variety better?

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Do you want your pea & lentil varieties to perform better?

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AGPT® based inoculants:
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Local Trials

SoyRhizo field sign Local trials help to build a solid performance database to showcase our unique product offering, PeasRhizo with AGPT®, in peas and lentils in the prairies. XiteBio is an organisation that prides itself on working cooperatively with retail partners, and in doing so we have expanded our efforts to provide local data and grower demo opportunities.

In 2015 we have over 20 replicated trial sites in conjunction with retails and industry partners where our product is evaluated along with other commercial offerings. The trials are evaluated on ease of application, nodule formation, and finally on yield.

Our partners are able to evaluate different options such as dual inoculation or application techniques such as compatibility with micro nutrients or seed treatments as well as in furrow vs seed applied etc. New premium liquid inoculant formulations allow us to explore new opportunities.

Double inoculate lentils?

An excellent example of this is G-mac's Lead Agronomist, Jeremy German, who is investing extra effort to evaluate dual inoculation in lentils, a common practice in soybeans. In order to assist answering this question for his customers they have dedicated some trials to answer this question in their local market providing additional value to their customers.

Product Performance

Another question often poised by customers is whether our product will perform with their application equipment in a farm scale setting vs. a research trial, how easy it is to apply, and how well it fits with other jobs at seeding. To address this we have provided demonstration product for growers to use to do larger field scale trials of their own in order to evaluate how a product will perform. Data will also be collected from these types of trials to build a broader base of practical experience that can be shared with growers and retails.

XiteBio: large enough to be a valuable partner, small enough to be flexible in our market approach
Quarry Seed

SoyRhizo field sign Quarry Seed strives to stay ahead of the curve in the soybean market place. One example is their interest in SoyRhizo®; they included it in trials within days of receiving registration. Following excellent trials, they have helped build awareness and continue to test SoyRhizo® in their trial program, in the fields and at the treater.

Quarry Seed has good coverage of the soybean market with strategically positioned dealers across W. Canada. They not only understand the varieties that fit in each area, but test for multiple factors that influence soybean production. Quarry Seed is a great company for XiteBio and grower customers to work with.

Another great sales season!

Yield+ for canola field sign Yield+ canola is having another successful season in the US market, selling out in 2015. Interest from growers in the Yield+ PGPR technology continues to grow and both distributors and growers are looking forward to developments to expand this technology into other crops which are currently under research. Performance in previous years' canola averaged 10.3% yield increase vs. untreated.

Yield+ for Canola is foliar applied with post-emergent herbicides (Liberty, Round Up), but research work continues with other herbicide mixtures commonly used. This unique formulation for foliar aplication gives growers much more flexibility in terms of decision timelines with regards to applying the product. Investigation also continues with alternate modes of application for Yield+ technology, including formulation for in-furrow including compatibility with micro-nutrients. This would add flexibility for growers to fit their individual farming practices. The field of PGPR opens exciting options for growers to explore ecofriendly methods to promote plant health, improve nutrient utilization and increase yields.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Canadian registration status of XiteBio® Yield+ for Canola. For further information contact XiteBio Technologies at info@xitebio.ca or toll-free 1-855-XITEBIO (1-855-948-3246).

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