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@XiteBio_Ag is a microbial biotechnology company creating innovative, cost-competitive, eco-friendly product lines for the agricultural market.

Today is #WorldFoodDay. Thank you to all the #CdnAg producers who help supply the world with great Canadian grain like #wheat, #barley, #canola and #soybeans!

Inoculation is not just for spring crops! Your fall crops will benefit just as much from inoculation! This weeks blog will tell you everything you need to know about fall inoculation and how it differs from spring inoculation. 🍂🌱

October 12 is National Farmer's Day in the United States, and we were happy to take part in this video for The Northern Pulse Growers Association taking the opportunity to thank all the farmers out there! via @FacebookWatch

Soil-Plant-Microbe Interactions
An Infinite Possibility!

Welcome to XiteBio Technologies Inc.! At XiteBio Technologies, we build relationships first; business comes next. Analogous to our research theme ‘soil-plant-microbe interactions’ we would like to interact with you, at every opportunity that comes before us, to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship.

We are passionate about research, but more than that we are passionate about providing the next generation of ‘go-green’ inoculants and biologicals to our customers and making a difference in the field of agriculture. But that alone is not enough – ecological sustainability is also of paramount importance to us. These are the priorities at XiteBio Technologies, where our IRD (Innovation, Research & Development) team is working hard towards creating innovative and cost-effective products that add greater profitability to farmers’ bottom lines.

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About XiteBio®

We are a dynamic biotechnology company engaged in microbial technology and agri-inputs for Canadian, American, European, and South American agricultural markets. The IRD facility at XiteBio® Technologies is creating innovative and cost-competitive product lines:

  • to increase agricultural production
  • at a reduced input cost
  • in an eco-friendly manner
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3194 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R2N 4A8

Phone: (204) 257-0775